Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A start...

Creating a travel blog is always something I have wanted to do. Every new place you visit brings something unique in terms of people, history, beer, food, wine, architecture, music, art, etc, etc, etc. I absolutely love the entire process, from deciding where to go and planning, to the nostalgia afterwards reliving each moment through pictures.

I want to begin documenting all of this to further my own travel experiences, help others while planning trips of their own, and hopefully create something entertaining to read for others who feel the same way. Ultimately, traveling is about experiencing new things, so I will be focusing on local “staycation” ideas as well.

I am not sure yet how this blog will progress but would love for this to be an interactive site. I want to give advice, get advice, and make this a destination for others who are passionate about traveling. On the other hand, I want to make it readable for those who might not travel much and are looking for some tips to make the process less intimidating or more enjoyable. If anyone else tries something new or even decides to take a trip based on this, I would be happy with its purpose.

I am excited to work through the writing rust and break out of the bullet point corporate writing style that has been hammered into me the last several years and get more creative again. Though as I say that, here are some bullet points to end my first post!

Initial ideas for future posts
·         Profiles on places I have been
·         Basic travel advice, while on trips but also preparation
·         My favorites from around the world
·         Travel lists to generate fun discussion and ideas


  1. So excited that you started this! Looking forward to reading many more posts...

    1. Thanks for the support! I think I am going to really enjoy doing this.

  2. Good news, Mike! Looking forward to following your journeys. Got back a couple of hours ago from Door County in Wisconsin. Had a great time and memorable experiences with the kids. The highlight was taking the kids to their first Drive In movie.

    1. How fun! I like hearing about how well you have been able to travel with the kids the last couple of summers. I actually have never been to a drive in. Looks like I will need to make a point of that.